Supported Firebase features

If you need some Firebase SDK functionality that we don't support yet, please open an issue. We will happily implement it.

Firebase Functions SDK

Following types of Firebase Cloud Functions from the Firebase Functions SDK are supported:

  • Firestore

    • functions.firestore.document(<documentPath>).onCreate()

    • functions.firestore.document(<documentPath>).onDelete()

    • functions.firestore.document(<documentPath>).onUpdate()

    • functions.firestore.document(<documentPath>).onWrite()

  • RealtimeDB

    • functions.database.ref(<referencePath>).onCreate()

    • functions.database.ref(<referencePath>).onDelete()

    • functions.database.ref(<referencePath>).onUpdate()

    • functions.database.ref(<referencePath>).onWrite()

  • Firebase Auth

    • functions.auth.user().onCreate()

    • functions.auth.user().onDelete()


    • functions.https.onRequest()

    • functions.https.onCall()

Object context isn't fully supported yet.

When accessing context object provided by httpsCallablefunction the following properties are missing:

  • context.auth.token

  • context.instanceIdToken

When accessing contextobject provided by firestore, auth, and realtimeDB trigger functions the following properties are missing:

  • context.auth

Firebase Admin Firestore SDK

All methods from the firestore module of the Firebase Admin SDK is supported. Excluding the security rules.

Firebase Admin Database SDK

Following methods and properties from the database modules of the Firebase Admin SDK are supported:

  • database().app

  • database().ref()

We currently support emulating only the default RealtimeDB instance.

Firebase Admin Auth SDK

Following methods and properties from the auth module of the Firebase Admin SDK are supported:

  • auth().app

  • auth().getUser()

  • auth().getUserByEmail()

  • auth().createUser()

  • auth().deleteUser()

  • auth().updateUser()

  • auth().verifyIdToken() - accepts user's uid in place of an idToken

The UserRecord type isn't fully supported yet. Following properties are not implemented:

  • customClaims

  • metadata

  • multiFactor

  • passwordHash

  • passwordSalt

  • providerData

  • tenantId

  • tokensValidAfterTime