Accessing production data

With Foundry, you have an option to easily access your production Firestore data, production RealtimeDB data and production users data from your Firebase project. This data are stored in the emulated Firestore database, emulated RealtimeDB and emulated users respectively. For Foundry to be able to copy production data from your Firebase project to their emulated equivalents in your cloud development environment it must have an access to your Firebase project. This is done through a service account. The field serviceAcc in the configuration file expects a path to a service account JSON file for your Firebase project. This file can be obtained inside the dashboard of your Firebase project.

See FAQ to learn how to obtain a service account for your Firebase project

serviceAcc: path/to/your/service/acc/json/file

Of course, if you aren't copying any of your production data you don't need to specify serviceAcc.