Foundry doesn't load my Cloud Functions even though I defined them in the configuration file

Foundry uses the value of the main field in your package.json as a path to look for the file where are all your Cloud Functions exported. If your package.json doesn't specify the main field, Foundry expects that all your Cloud Functions are exported in the index.js file that is placed in the same directory as is your package.json file.

How long is my cloud development environment active after I end the session?

The cloud environment exists only for the time of your session. Once your session ends, the environment is terminated.

Do you store my code or data?

We don't store your code or any data for a duration longer than is the duration of your session. Once your session ends, your cloud environment is terminated and only metadata (environment variables) is preserved.

Why do you need a service account to my Firebase project?

The service account is needed for any action that requires copying data from your production Firestore database, production RealtimeDB or production Firebase Auth to their emulated equivalents. You can definitely use Foundry without specifying a path to your service account. Some features just won't be available though.

How do I get a service account JSON for my Firebase project?

  1. Go to https://console.firebase.google.com/ and select your project.

  2. In your Firebase dashboard, select the settings icon. The icon is placed at the top of the left sidebar:

3. A popup menu will appear, select "Project settings":

4. This will take you to your projects settings with links to different sections on top. Select "Service accounts.":

5. A window with info about the Firebase Admin SDK will appear. There, click on "Generate new private key" at the bottom:


6. This will present a modal window informing you about security implications. Read the text and then click on the "Generate key" button at the bottom. This will download a JSON file that is your service account key: